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Now Booking Quickserve Corporate Luncheons 
($/person, taxes included, gratuity is appreciated)
Choice of Entree, Chips, & Drink $15.50

The Ultimate Food Operation launched in 2014 as one of Fredericksburg's First Speciality Food Trucks - The UFO Truck. We Combine American Classics like the Cheeseburger, Barbeque, and Buffalo Chicken with International Flavors and Modern Culinary Ingenuity to Bring you an Assortment of YUM!

We Believe Fresh Ingredients and Homemade Sauces are the Cornerstone of Delicious Food, and Have Developed a Five-Star Menu to Tantalize Your Tastebuds! Our Menu Offers Two Distinct Interpretations of Each Entree Providing The Hungry with a Choice Between an Ultimate Slider or Fusion Taco version of Each Item. The Idea was To Take These Popular American Classics, Elevate Them in Their Slider Form, and Then Reinterpret Them into Their Taco Counterpart. 

Food Lovers Come See Us for a Taste that Is Out of This World!

Serving Fredericksburg, VA and Surrounding Counties

Need Catering? Make

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